Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Time in Florida!

If you asked me,"Do you like Florida?" I would say "nope, sure don't!" It's not a place I enjoy living for many reasons. Anyways. On the other hand I LOVE spring time in Florida. It's amazing! So yesterday Emma and I went outside to take some pictures and I got a few good ones. She also loves it outside. We could probably spend our entire day relaxing in the shade. I love taking in God's beauty that He created for us. A God who created this beauty created me! LOVE IT!


Mandi said...

she's so precious! LOVE her head band! you're so creative, mickey! so sweet! i miss you guys a lot and i got the pics in the mail the other day! thanks so much!

Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

you are such a darling mom. I love that you take in the moments with Emma and just sit with her enjoying the prettiness around. I am sure that florida is warm and beautiful right now. Which sounds soooo nice, seeing that it snowed today in Utah. yuck!

Melissa said...

too cute! good job on the head bands!