Friday, July 10, 2009

Refuge Camp 2009 "Rooted"

Yep, camp has come and gone. This was the best camp we have done in the 3 summers we have been here in Florida. I just loved it! I took Emma with me and she was so great! Everyone loved holding her and playing with her. We had our own little room to stay in at night so it was perfect! Mike and I took turns watching her during the day so we could do things with the kids. I personally enjoyed playing in the lake and boating with some of the girls in the youth group. It was great hanging out, laughing and being silly on the lake. It's so awesome to see God working in young peoples lives. I love seeing students "get" who God really is and taking actions to change our world.
I MISS YOU CAMP, see you next year!!

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Amie Christine said...

Man I wished we lived closer too, you have no idea! That would seriously be the best ever... to know what it's like to have a friend around again lol gah! LOVE YOU! Be thinking of a good weekend for ya'll to come in August! :)