Friday, July 3, 2009

Trip to Michigan

I love Michigan.
If I could, I would move there in a heart beat. Maybe soon? PLEASE?

Mike and I just got back from Michigan. Haley, Michael's youngest sister got married on Saturday. I was a bridesmaid and Michael actually performed the wedding! He was so nervous but totally rocked it! It wasn't cheesy or nerdy like some weddings, it was real and from the heart. LOVED IT!

This past Monday we had a group of us Elkin's head over to Cedar Point in Ohio. Ok, I have been on roller coasters before, but NOTHING came close to these coasters! HOLY COW! I thought I was going to die on one. I thought my worst nightmare was coming true.(See above picture) It was so much fun though. If you haven't been to Cedar Point,go before you get old. Because you may have a heart attack on some of the rides if you are old.


Amie Christine said...

I think I like Mike's hair long like that! lol :)

Mandi said...

i hope you get here soon too...please...

Mike said...

mike did an AMAZING job at the wedding, as did you! He really did rock it tho! I love you guys!!! Wish I couldve gone to cedar point with you all... maybe again sometime soon!! Miss you, love you!!

Haley Hogoboom ;o)

Jen said...

Fun! We will have to try that trip when I'm not prego!