Saturday, August 1, 2009

I hate hospitals

So Tuesday afternoon Michael came home from work throwing up.  So he went upstairs to lay down.  About 2 hours later he called me from his phone and was telling me to come upstairs quick! So I ran upstairs and he was in PAIN! Michael NEVER EVER wants to go to the doctors but this was serious. So I called urgent care and told them what was going on.  He had spinal meningitis once before so we were thinking that is what it was again.  So went to the ER and to make a long story short he had FIVE spinal taps! FIVE! These are not pleasant either.  Each time they could not retrieve fluid.  UG.  I had to go home before this happened because I had called some friends to come over to put Emma to bed and they needed to get home.  Thankfully we have an awesome family in our church who are like our parents and they came up while I went home and kept me updated through the night. So tests after tests we waited  and waited.  Some test were even LOST! Ya, they were NEVER sent out!!! OMG, I know!UG. So his mom flew down and we got things straightened up at the hospital and things started to flow better.  So today he is FINALLY coming home! We still have no clue what is wrong with him!!!!! He is a million times better and can function perfectly normal. 3 days ago he looked like he was about to die.  No joke! While he is home he has to wear a mask and stay inside until Tuesday. We(Emma, Oscar and myself) have missed having him here!  WELCOME HOME DADDY!!!!


Melissa said...

so glad he gets to come home today! praise the Lord that it all worked out! scary they don't know what made him sick but so thankful he is doing better!

Erin said...

Yay! I'm so glad that he is okay. Praise the Lord he gets to come home.