Friday, April 2, 2010

Friends Month!

This month is FRIENDS MONTH! I am going to blog about my great friends that I have.
I hope you enjoy it.
I am excited to look back on memory lane.
and to thank my friends.

So here is my first friend......

Megan Christensen.....well Daley now

Megan was my side kick out of the Lucky 7 in High School. Lucky 7 was our group of friends name. I know lame. But we loved it! Still do. We did everything together. From our crazy bank trips in my car to eating ALOT at her house, football games and dances. We always had a great time. We never really ever had fights....well one physical fight where she kicked my butt in front of a lot of people. Pretty sure I brought that onto myself thinking "I can handle this!" WRONG. She has brothers. It was funny though.
Megan is sarcastic, in a good way. Kind. Honest. And is a great mom. I never feel out of place when I am with Megan. She accepts you just as you are. And that is what a true friend does. No matter what.

Thanks Megan for being an awesome friend!


amber said...

I have to agree with this, she is a really great friend. And I always liked it when you guys hung out at our house and I was always so jealous of how cool you were.

Michael and Michelle said...

ha ha ha Amber, you don't have to lie. But we were pretty cool. ha

McCall said...

we were cool. L7 for life! hahaha. what a cute idea michelle. i happen to love megan too. ;)

alibrough said...

L74L- Lucky Seven 4 Life!! I still love all you guys! Yay Meggie Love!

Cory & Megan said...

michelle you are too nice.

and we really were the bomb. i think my favorite L7 memory is the bleacher cheerleaders!

i also love the memory of the fake fight. and having lunch at my house while skipping school! ha ha


Adorable Deepak said...
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