Monday, June 28, 2010

This right here is one of my favorite things to do. Reading to Emma before she goes to bed.

Today I have been thinking a lot of other children in the world who miss out on this experience of reading in their OWN bed. Some children don't even have beds, books, toys or parents. I know God has opened our hearts up to adoption. Not sure when or even where the child would come from. Even the money to adopt. It's crazy expensive, which is frustrating. BUT I have been praying a lot about this. When would we adopt? Who knows. How? through faith. So we will see where this journey takes us. It could be next year. It could be in 5 years. Only God knows.


Amy said...

I have a HUGE heart for adoption as well. And you would be surprised... at least in Missouri (which is the last place we investigated it) you could adopt from the state for just about nothing (financially speaking.) In fact... some of the cases, they paid YOU to adopt the kiddos. How sad is that?!?! We thought we wouldn't have bio kids, just foster and maybe adopt. But the Lord had different plans. I know we will adopt a kiddo, and because we have lil ones of our own, we will look into adoption of an older kiddo... they often get passed on because they aren't babies :( GOOD FOR YOU GUYS!!! YAY ADOPTION!!! We are all adopted after all if we are Christians!

Cory & Megan said...

I am totally for adopting. I understand especially why you would be!

Cory and I talk about it often, I really would do it right now if we could afford it - however I like the idea Amy (above) has about being paid to adopt! ha

So excited to see you in a week!