Saturday, July 3, 2010


i HEART our town of Schoolcraft. I grew up in a pretty large city area. At least I thought it was big. Schoolcraft is such a cute town. One highschool. One elementary. One fire station. A small library and a cute park. You get the idea. Basically a perfect little town. Today was the 4th of July parade. I was thinking a small little gathering of people with a few little floats. HA! I was wrong! SO many people came out to this parade! I LOVED it. This will for sure be an Elkins family tradition from now on. We were able to hangout with some friends from church at their house and sit on their porch since the parade went right down their street! And we didn't have to park, we were able to walk over. The beauty of a small town.

Tonight Drams, Emma, Mike and myself watched fireworks in our backyard. Emma had a lot of fun staying up past her bedtime. Even though the fireworks were right behind the two large trees we could still see the big ones in the sky. Emma even held a sparkler. I was a little nervous about it but she did fine.

Tomororw Emma and I are going to Utah. Mike is going to Haiti with a large group from our church. I am nervous to be away from him and have basically no contact with him. I know they will have a great time helping others who are in need! If you think about it, pray for them! They are sleeping in tents and it's the rainy season right now. Garbage everywhere and a lot of bugs!

I guess I will blog from Utah!

Good night fellow bloggers

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Amy said...

That is precious! There really is something special about small town America. So beautiful. I haven't experienced it yet, but man o man... it sure has it's appeal! Very sweet, Mick.