Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Wednesday

Mr. Hipster got a Kindle.  I use it when he isn't, which is like 30 min a day....maybe!  I am in love with it.  Thought I wouldn't but I am.

Anyone else hate going out to play in the snow right now?  Maybe it's because I am pregnant and I am SO tired by the time Emma is dressed up to go that I don't want to go outside.  SO this week we have done a lot of in door things.  Like right now she is making a HUGE mess with Moon Dough.  DON'T BUY THAT STUFF.  Stick with play dough.  It makes me want to cuss.  And it smells weird.

What do you do for fun in doors in the winter??????

I have been wanting to paint our table, but instead I found this cute cloth table cover at Target.  I am liking it! And it totally matches the circle art on the wall.  It makes me smile when I walk by.

Today I am hoping to RELAX.  Listen to some good music and crochet.  Did I mention good music, because it really does wonders to your day.  I love THIS song and the video.  Can't seem to get enough of it.  
Have a wonderful day!


Erin said...

Pen got moon dough for Christmas. We haven't pulled it out yet but I noticed that it seemed to be crumbly. I'm not a fan yet.

Cory & Megan said...

dude I am all about painted tables...'member mine is blue? It's still one of my favorite furniture pieces. The little heart things on emmas door are super cute too! It is so hard finding things to do inside all day!