Monday, January 17, 2011

Some little things

Mr. Hispter (my husband's new nickname I gave him) was off today.  WOO HOO.  So he took Emma to the gym while I cleaned the house.  Not so much clean, but pick up tutu's, shoes, and toys.  How can a child get into so much at one time?  

I have a new love for our blue ray player we recently got.  It has Pandora.  I can play my music so loud in the house I can hear it when I am in other rooms.  FANTASTIC!  So as I picked up the house I listened to some great music!  

Then I brain stormed some potty training ideas.  Emma is having an issue with pooping IN the potty.  
She is scared.  I feel bad for her.  
So we are trying a sticker sheet.  She loves stickers.  Anyone have any ideas out there?? 

Oh and "THE OSCAR MAN".  Isn't he cute?  He looks like he is smiling in this picture.  Probably because Emma is gone and he has some quiet time to himself.
Poor guy, he really needed a break from the crazy toddler....and so did mom.  Love her to death, but I actually got a lot done this morning.


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