Thursday, February 10, 2011

the 14th or the 15th?

I made a wreath this year.  Let's just say making wreaths aren't my thing.  At least not yet.
I had a totally different idea in my head but somehow it turned out to look like this.
It's simple and cute but I sure wanted to cuss while making it.

I am debating this year to give gifts to each other on the 15th. EVERYTHING will be like 75% off.  
call me cheap. But Emma won't know what day Valentines REALLY falls on. 
And roses will be really cheap too.  **hint hint Michael Elkins**
I have NEVER received roses in my life, and it's not because Mr. Hipster is a jerk, I just prefer gerber daisies.   BUT I told him this year that I wanted roses. As I was telling him this he was  was probably thinking to himself:
 "Crap, it's happening. She wants roses now and they are expensive"   I told him he can get them after Valentines Day since every man in American will be spending a butt load on them on the 14th, he can get discounted ones the next day.  

I am pretty excited for Friday.  DATE NIGHT! Emma Jane will be going to the YMCA Valentines kids night extravaganza!  It's only $10 and they get food, games and a craft.  Can't beat that! Plus she loves the teachers there and always has a blast. Again, so excited for date night with Mr. Hipster.  

Have a fab rest of the week! 


McCall said...

you def need to get all the dates nights in that you can before baby comes. have fun!

Haley said...

funny story, I have never recieved roses from hogey either likewise for the same reason "Mr. Hispter" had never gotten u roses.. However, that is why I wanted ALL those roses for the wedding.. It was SO not me but it was at the same time.. idk.