Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How I start my morning

I have been told that the mom sets the mood for the home.  And it's so true.  The days I wake up late, rush to shower(which I hate doing), have dishes to do from yesterday and crayons all over the floor I feel flustered.   Anyone else feel like this?  My mood changes. And it affects my family. So I have discovered a few things that help set the mood for my home in the morning.  Maybe they will work for you, I know they have for me!

  • Do the dishes the night before! I hate waking up and seeing dirty dishes in the sink!  I at least load the dish washer before bed
  • Wake up before your kid(s). Take your shower and do your hair.  I love having good hair days, and it takes time! 
  • Read a few verses or listen to some good music. Pray for your family.  Again, before your kids are up!
  • Eat breakfast with your family. I love eating cereal with Emma and sometimes Mike is with us if he hasn't gone to work yet. There is sometime so cute about a toddler with messy hair eating cereal.  I just want to squeeze her!

What do you do in the morning????


Andrea Neudorf said...

Those are all very good ideas:) My mornings are filled with dishes..crayons and blocks on the floor.etc. I will try your solution though:)

McCall said...

i wish! libby wakes up at 6:30 every morning (except this morning she was up at 5) so, there's no way i can shower before that. :( maybe one day. i love the weekends, even though she's up that early, we get to just hang out in jammies and spend some time together.

ArtsieMama said...

I so agree with you, I too do not do well waking up to a mess, and I do get up before the girls and the hubby. I love to go in and be the one to wake them up for the day. also a good idea for when your kiddos start school, is to get a closet organizer with moday to friday slots for there outfits. Huge time saver, and less morning stress:)
Great ideas Mickey!