Monday, March 21, 2011

How it all went down

I knew deep down Allie Jo was coming early.  I don't think my uterus can hold babies past 38 weeks.  And that is fine with me!

It all started on Monday.  I had weird cramps and back pain.  I just chalked it up as normal pregnancy issues.  Then came A LOT of bowl movements (sorry TMI, but if you know me I don't just have A LOT of BM's!) so of course I got online and researched.  It was a sign of labor.  Hm....who knew.  Again, in my head I just thought this was just part of being pregnant.  

I went to the Dr. for my 37 week checkup and I was moving a long but nothing to worry about. So off to the gym I went as usual to do my walking.  Wednesday rolled around and I was having some weird intense cramps and back pain again.  So I went to the Dr. again.  She wasn't helpful. She said I was getting sick.  Ya, not a fan of her.  I knew something was going on with my body.  I just felt it.  

Friday came and I went walking that morning at the gym and then to the movies with my friends that night.  Since I don't have much time to sit and count contractions with a toddler to take care of I thought it would be a great time to count them.  And about half way through the movie they were 6-10 min apart and starting to hurt more and more.  I got up and went to the bathroom and I swear it took me forever to get to the bathroom.  I just couldn't really walk normal.  After the movie my friend Andreya asked if I was ok because I was moaning during the movie!  Ha, I didn't even know. Embarrassing.  After that we went to dinner and headed home.

I came home, took a bath and timed contractions.  They were slowing down, but the weird sharp cramps weren't going anywhere. Mike wanted to go to the hospital but I wasn't ready for that.  I could handle this pain, it wasn't HORRIBLE.  I went to bed and woke up around 1am with chills and the weird cramps again.  I wasn't a happy camper.  I was VERY tired.  Mike decided to call the Dr.  Dr. said second one comes much quicker and if you think you need to go to the hospital, then go.  I decided to try and sleep it out at least until 5am. I showered and finally fell asleep at 4:30am.  Mike came in and woke me up saying, "Lets go!"  I told him I was fine and was sleeping.  I got up to go to the bathroom and BAM!!! cramps again. I knew something was going on and decided to head to the hospital. 

We waited with our cute little nurse while they monitored contractions.  Nothing really crazy going on.  I told her that from 4-8 am these cramps seem to die down for some reason.  They were doing that all week.  And what do you know, around 8am they were coming in full swing.  Nothing REALLY painful, but the timing was on track.  My feet and ankles were REALLY swollen.  I should of taken a picture.  They were gross looking. Dr.  was worried I was in beginning stages of preeclampsia even though my blood work came back normal.  My blood pressure was pretty darn high too.  Same thing happened when I was pregnant with Emma, minus the fat feet thing.  So they admitted me.  Mike said my face was priceless. I was in shock.  

Judy was our nurse.  LOVED HER! I walked around our room for a bit, laid on the bed and tried to get comfy.  I hate hospital beds.  Bleh. I was put on magnesium sulfate for my blood pressure and swelling.  Oh boy that was not fun.  For the first 30 min I was sick.  I wanted to pass out, and almost did!  But again my amazing nurse knew just what to do to make me comfortable.  After that the Dr. broke my water and I was 4cm. at this point. Things were rolling right  along.  When I got to 6cm I was in PAIN! BACK LABOR again!!! Oh what joy.  I tried everything. Nothing would work.  I then started throwing up from the pain. Awesome.  Shaking from the pain.  Awesome.  So it was time for the epidural!  Mr. Epidural is what I called the Dr. He was a busy man that day so I had to wait a bit.  Thankfully Mr. Hipster was amazing and talked me through the contractions while I held onto the bed and threw up in buckets. Very attracting.  Mr. Epidural finally arrived.  Praise the heavens.

Even with the epidural, the pressure from Allie coming down the birth canal was painful!  It was like having contractions at 6cm all over again, but this time I was 10cm and good to go!  I couldn't imagine what the pain would of been like without the epidural!  HIGH FIVE to all the moms out there who do it natural.  

I only had to push for 30 min and out came little Allie Jo Elkins! 

Recovery this time around was not fun.  I felt like I had ridden on a horse and broke all my hip bones into tiny pieces. Oh and no one tells you that your uterus hurts worse after you have more kids. The shrinking of the uterus was and is still somewhat painful.  I couldn't sleep the first night because it hurt.  No bueno. But again, praise the heavens for great night nurses who helped me out!

BUT we are home and doing fantastic!  My feet are back to normal.  Praise the heavens and Allie Jo is precious! I love having two little girls to take care of.  


Andrea Neudorf said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful! Hope your recovery goes quickly and smoothly!!

dance your way back to zion said...

allie jo is so precious! can't wait to see her (i should have stopped in your room before we left the hospital!) hope you are getting restful sleep!

Amie Christine said...

You are too precious! I'm glad Allie Jo is here safe and sound!!! Makes me excited to get pregnant again!!! EEK! :)