Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No make up and tub time

I really enjoy giving Emma a bath.  Especially at this age.  She is hillarious.  She is always pretending to be something in the tub.  From a mermaid to a hippo.  I was able to snap a few shot with photobooth while I watched her play.  Oh and today I went makeupless  (is that a word????) and I really enjoyed it.  I even went to the library and the store without makeup on.  This won't be happening everyday because I do enjoy wearing makeup.  But my good friend Andreya is going all week without makeup and I thought I would give it a try for at least a day.  Again, I really enjoyed it. You should try it!!!!


dance your way back to zion said...

i love going makeupless! also, emma totally has your facial expressions! SO CUTE!

Andrea Neudorf said...

You look just as beautiful without makeup as you do with it!!

Melissa said...

Love these pictures! I wish we lived closer so the kids could meet! Love you!