Monday, April 11, 2011

And so it begins

This is me at my first was HOT.  We lived in Florida at the time.  I was crazy to run a 5k in mid July, but I did it.  It was AWESOME and I loved it!
Today I went to the gym for my first time since I had Allie.  
Oh boy.
I have a lot to work on.
I am hoping to run a 10k this summer.  
Why do I decide to run these things in the summer?  Ug.  But I need something to push me and lose this baby weight. And they are super fun!

So here it is.  My starting weight is......
GOAL weight: 136



katie said...

Yes you can, girl!!! Go for it!

Stephanie said...

Brave girl, to leave your weight online, lol...I'm too scared to...YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Amy said...

Heck yes you can lady!! Go Mickey GO! *I wish I liked running, but I hate every second of it* What's your secret? Have you always liked it? Don't get me wrong, I love a good workout... just loathe running...

kristance ann said...

you SO can do this! *high five* what 10k are you planning on running?