Monday, April 4, 2011

Finding time

It sure has been hard to find time to do things that I like doing.  Even if it's something simple like painting my nails!  Life has just been busy around here.  I did find some time to rig up a spring wreath though.  I found the wreath at the dollar store along with some fake flowers.    My inner Martha told me to use things I already had at home as well.  So I cut up some fabric I had and used some ribbon to weave through the wreath.  I thought it turned out well for only costing me $3.  WOOT WOOT. And it looks fabulous when you pull up to the house.  Pretty sure I complement on it every time we pull into our driveway. ha.

Tonight I am hoping I can find some time to order a new book for my kindle, take a bath and paint my nails that have been chipping daily.  Annoying.


kristance ann said...

i know what you mean! let mr hipster handle the girls while you pamper yourself!

Melissa said...

Oh friend! I hear ya!

katie said...

Cute wreath. I'm thinking of doing something similar since my Easter door decoration is looking a bit shabby after a few years of use. I hope you get that much deserved time to paint your nails. : )