Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I loathe 3:00pm.  I have never enjoyed this time of day. Why?  I am just grumpy and tired by this time, always have been.  When I was working at an insurance company while in college, I remember how I felt when 3::00 pm came around.  tired, hungry and well grumpy.  Now as a mom, my kiddos are usually napping at this time, but for some reason I still hate 3:00pm.  Anyone else have a time they hate?
Before 3:00 pm rolled around Emma and I did some art.  Taped a large piece of paper down and we went to town drawing all sorts of things/people. 
It's now 3:15 pm.  I think I might take a cat nap.


Stephanie said...

She is soo good at drawing...I can't get Bri to even scribble for more than 5 minutes, hahaha...your kiddos are growing up so fast!

katie said...

I start to really feel like I have nothing left at 4:00. The kids get hungry, but it is too early for dinner and my husband doesn't get home until 6:00. The art looks adorable.; )

Laura Wynn said...

aw, you have such a sweet blog! Thanks so much for visiting Alternating Layers! (ps, I hate 12:30. No idea why. Just do :)

Amy said...

BAHAHAHA 3:00p... time to walk to the gas station... lol! Good ole Scam enterprise! I alllllllways need an afternoon snack. Lately I've been popping a peice of dark chocolate. I mean... it has antioxidants and is good for your skin. It is for my health :) Slash mental health :) *Ironically the word verification is "plate"