Thursday, June 30, 2011

Never Say Never

I will be honest, I was NOT a fan of Justin Bieber until tonight.  I just finished watching his movie.

I cried a few times.  Don't judge.  Maybe because I had a HUGE, crazy, insane obsession with Justin Timberlake as a girl (um he is still my boyfriend) and I know how these girls feel about Bieber. Maybe it's because I have two little girls who will probably go through the same thing I did.  How silly it is, but how REAL it was for me as a little girl to sing to Nsync.   If my daughters asked me to take them to a concert someday similar to Justin Bieber, I will be there. Dancing, singing, laughing, and probably crying. Who knew a teenage heart throb could make families come together!  LOVE IT.  

Thought I would never say this but.....
I have Beiber Fever. 


katie said...

I never caught onto the teenage heartthrob singers, but I was in love with Kirk Cameron and thought I'd marry him one day.

Cory & Megan said...

You used to not love Justin bieber?! How are we friends??? Luke asks me all the time to turn on j bieb. It's a constant in our house. I'm happy you finally love him.

Amie Christine said...

Absolutely loved this movie!!! Took my girls to see it!!! I think he is the most precious thing ever in life!!!