Thursday, August 25, 2011

Start over button?

I wish I could press a button and start my day over.  Do you ever wake up feeling like today will be one of "those" days? Or is it just me?  Well, today and ALL day long it was one of "those" days.

I think with Emma getting closer to becoming THREE, she is really testing me in EVERY way possible.  Today we tackled patience, watching what I say when I am mad, humility, forgiveness and again patience.
This morning I read this in my devo :  
Rest in the fact that God is loving, forgiving, and righteous and know He is bigger than your mistakes.

and I needed to read that.  ALL DAY LONG.  Because I messed up today.  Nothing HORRIBLE, but still, as a parent I messed up and made mistakes. 

Again, I wish there was a start over button.  But I learned a few lessons today that will help me for tomorrow.  

Time to watch some shows with Mr. Hipster and relax!
Good night people. 



hannah singer said...

thanks for sharing! it's freeing to know that it doesn't depend on us to be righteous! praise Jesus for GRACE.


katie said...

I am always amazed about our children's grace and mercy towards us when we have our bad days. They love us so much despite our yucky attitudes. I love that you shared this relatable post. : ) It just makes me realize more and more that God's grace and mercy is truly larger than we can comprehend. Hugs!