Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall is almost here!

Happy September 1st!

Fall is SO close.  I can feel it in the air! Even though today is a scorcher for us Michiganders, it has been really nice the past week.  In the 70's! And this weekend I am hoping for some good weather so we can enjoy our picnics and BBQ's with friends and family!

I finally got our family summer pictures done BEFORE September.  Thanks to my mother in law who took them for us!  Already excited to get some fall pictures done in a few months.  Oh how I love fall.

Guess what starts this Saturday?  College football.  Do I like college football?  Sure.  Why not? I like to watch Michigan play, but that's about it.  Oh, and eating some good food while watching it always help!


katie said...

How gorgeous are you new pics. And the way your girls are looking at each other in your header pic...too much!

pollydove said...

Cute pictures Michelle! Weather in the 70's is PERFECT for me!!! Enjoy!

Melissa said...

Oh I just love your family pictures! They are too cute! We are hoping to get fall pics of the 3 of us if timing works out!

kristance ann said...

i saw you strolling in the store today with sweet bebe! we need to get together now that you just live across town! <3