Monday, September 12, 2011

Drooling and Crawling

Allie is 6 months old today.  *Tears*
She is a drooling machine.  Constant drool comes out of this child.  And she likes to get up on all fours like she is doing pilates or something.  I think she is trying to plank.  (Definition of planking here)  I guess it's a new craze for the young peeps out there.  It's pretty funny looking if you ask me.  Mr. Hipster introduced it to some kids at church and lets just say they took it to the next level. Here are a few pics.
 School Library.....yeah it happened.
 Very creative....
I think Ryan on the left is struggling.

Maybe I should try planking?

Have a great Monday!  I am going to drink lots of coffee and wait for Mr. Hipster to return home from golfing, then who knows what our family will do today.  Love that he has Mondays off.

P.S.  My header will probably change again, I can't seem to make something I love lately.  UG.  Bare with me.

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