Friday, September 16, 2011

The Weekend

It's here!

Today I will be busy trying to organize all of Emma's toys.  She has too many.

I will also be getting ready for a craft fair next week so I will be doing a lot of cutting, crocheting and hot glueing today.

Oh and my BEST FRIEND, Lindsay is here on business and we have been hanging out.  Love it. Even though we haven't seen each other in about two years, we seem to pick up where we left off.  So great.  She is staying in a super nice hotel, so Sunday night I am sleeping over.  So thrilled.  Lots of diet coke and laughing will happen.
This was us in college.  Ya we both look totally different now.  Lindsay has ran a half marathon and is training for a crazy women dash thing where you run through mud and fire. Ya, it's insane, but she will do awesome.  I will post all about our night so you will get some new pictures of us!  This picture is one of my favorite ones of us.  I just love this girl!

Have a great weekend!!!

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pollydove said...

A girls night in a hotel? With lots of diet coke? Sounds perfect to me! Enjoy! (Cute picture!!)