Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Life has been busy.

I have a craft fair on the 21st that I will be selling my lovely's at.  More on that later.

Allie has two teeth now and has been waking up 2 times a night because one tooth is just not being our friend.  Curse you tooth.

Trying to figure out what the girls will be for Halloween.  I would LOVE to find/make a Strawberry Shortcake costume for Emma.

Mr. Hipster and I have decided to take the photography biz to the next level.  Pretty excited.  Working on small details today and tomorrow.

Folding Laundry is of the devil.  Thankfully Mr. Hipster likes to fold and watch T.V.  More power to him right?

Today I hope to slow down some and relax with the girls.  Going to the park to take some pictures and have a picnic.  Perfect weather for it.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.


Andrea said...

yay! Can't wait to see more photography stuff, and teeth.....aren't they just a huge bummer? Ugh. My baby is getting her eye teeth:( Anyway..Happy Wednesday to you!!

pollydove said...

Michelle! I am loving this picture of you and your little babes. You look adorable (and really skinny, lucky!) I laughed out loud at "folding laundry is of the devil." That is hilarious. Laundry is truly my favorite chore, but I know that most women hate it, too bad it never seems to be all done though, right? It just KEEPS ON COMIN'! :)

katie said...

Boo on that stinker tooth. : (

Yay for the business!