Monday, September 26, 2011

The latest and greatest

 Our friends from college came to stay over night.  We decided to go to the county fair!  I love it there.  I think when our kids gets older we will get a rabbit and name him Rupert.  Little Rupert will go to the fair and win because he will be the cutest thing ever.  And I don't want a pig, cow or a nasty turkey to take to the fair.  The rabbits are cute.

I injured my ankle running.  I was running and not looking down at the ground(who does when running?) and there were about 5 loose, good sized rocks and I rolled my ankle over one and totally ate it.  REALLY bad.  I sat on the ground in pain for a good 10 min.  Once I got up I realized I was somewhat ok and started my walk home.  I was mad and irritated.  It swelled for a few days and was painful.  Our friend ,Curtis who happens to be a doctor looked at it on Sunday and said it was probably a hair line fracture.  UGGGG. I have a 5k on October 8th!  I "might" be doing it still.  My foot is feeling much better today though.   It's killing me that I can't run, especially tonight because the weather is AMAZING!!!!

Mr. Hipster is cooking his famous breakfast for dinner tonight.  I can smell the bacon cooking right now! I better round up the toddler and get ready for our breakfast feast!


katie said...

Big bummer on the ankle! Get better soon!

Melissa said...

we had so much fun on our short visit! i so wish we had a week full of unplanned days! love you!