Friday, September 30, 2011

Crafty Crafty

Today the crafty juices are flowing my friends!  I tend to craft best when it's unplanned.  While I was at Target this morning I found some super cute craft paper, and you don't pass up cute craft paper for only $1.  Score.  When I came home that cute paper was staring at me every time I walked past it.  So I did something about it.  And I continued to craft even more!!!  Emma's room has woodland animals, so this owl picture thing goes perfect in her room!

And Allie doesn't really have a theme in her room.  It's just girly.  I decided to go with "sunshine" because I like to sing You are my sunshine my only sunshine.... So this was just perfect as well!

Today we finally found Emma a Halloween costume.  Lesson for moms with toddlers:  Find out what your toddler wants and get the costume WITHOUT your toddler with you.  I have a feeling that Emma will want wear her Snow White dress ALL THE TIME.  Ug.  Hoping it makes it to Halloween.  Next year I will buy it and hide it.  Lesson learned right?


katie said...

Impressive crafts! And I get what you're saying about the Halloween costumes. My youngest wore his Spiderman costume all Oct. last year.

Melissa said...

cute!! you're soo creative! i also noticed the painted picnic table! love!