Sunday, October 9, 2011

Girl time...and Oscar too

I heart this weather.  How did I ever live in Florida???  Let's just say I was NOT a fan.  I have to have seasons.

We have been going on a lot of walks lately since it's so amazing out.  Going for a walk can really change your mood too.   Warm sun, crunchy leaves and laughter is priceless.  And watching a three year old run through leaves could entertain me all day.

Hoping we can take a nice walk tomorrow with the whole fam!

Good night!


pollydove said...

wow! fall is upon you in a big way! what fun! i am dating a guy right now who went to school at the university of florida and he said september in florida is HORRIBLE! yay for four seasons!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little doll!!!!

I lived in Florida for 3 years and MAN was it hot. I know exactly what you mean.