Tuesday, November 29, 2011

little babies

 Love everything about them.  Their smell, skin, bum, fuzzy hair, drool, laugh.  
True blessing from God.

A lot of people have been asking me the famous question lately:
"Are you going to have more kids?"

Not going to lie, there are days where having two kids sounds PERFECTLY fine to me.
Other days, like today I cry when I watch Allie eat toast and standing up on this everywhere.  She is growing up and almost out of the "baby phase". And that makes me sad.

And deep down I really would like a little boy.
A little man.  Stud muffin, rough housing, football playing boy.
But another girl would be dandy as well...lot's of prom dresses, tampons and weddings though. 

How do you know when you are DONE having kids?
Is it easier to have kids close in age or far apart?

Decision decision decisions 

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pollydove said...

I love babies too! After I had my three girls I thought my life was practically perfect and why throw a wrench in the works with more kids?! I was SO in live with those little girls. But my husband really wanted a boy (we actually did those silly "things" to get a boy) and we did! Then I was so in love with him (my best baby ever), I thought there is no way he could be my last ... and along came Sophie.

I still didn't necessarily feel "done" ... but five was enough, especially when one of them was a crazy, rowdy, rough neck, make mom insane boy. ;)