Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Last year was my first Black Friday experience.  LOVED IT.
I was a little irritated that stores were opening up at 10 pm.  But now that I have recovered from the crazy night, I am glad we started out at 10 instead of 2 am.  A lot easier to get moving.

This year we dragged Andreya along for the crazy ride.  Drey is the cute gal to the right of the Walmart employee.  Speaking of Walmart, they were amazing!  Quick, no check out lines, and very helpful.

This year I snagged my fake Christmas tree at Target that I didn't get last year.  I was pretty thrilled about it.  Target always treats me well with amazing deals.

Favorite part of the night was..... laughing A LOT!  We were crazy and super tired.  I won't post our       IHOP pictures.  We looked HORRIBLE.  We kept taking pictures of how horrible we looked and laughed till we cried.  Gotta love it.

What did you snag this year?

P.S.  Ever done Cyber Monday?  I might attempt it.  Worth it?

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pollydove said...

Glad you can look back and get a kick out of the craziness! I don't like that Black Friday craziness ... a couple of years ago I went to Fashion Place Mall with my kidlets and we walked past some blood on the ground from a fight that had recently ensued. It was scary! This year, I took them all to South Towne on Saturday evening (stores still had things 40% off) and got most of our Christmas shopping done!