Thursday, November 10, 2011

One busy mommy

Now that Allie is on the move, life as a mom is busy.  Allie climbs over EVERYTHING!  And Emma wants to paint EVERYTHING!

My mind is running ALL THE TIME.  For example:
- Walking upstairs.  grab toys on stairs.  Oh, I need to switch the laundry. Grab dirty laundry upstairs, walk down.  I see Oscars food bowl....Hmmm when did I last feed Oscar?  Emma needs a snack now.  Switch laundry and set timer so the clothes don't sit OVER NIGHT!  Emma has paint all over her hands and face and is running to the bathroom to poop.  Super.  Allie wants out of the play yard. I lay on the floor with Allie and play for a bit...B.R.E.A.T.H.E

Right now I am resting while Emma watches a movie and Allie naps. Kinda nice to just sit.  Forget about the dishes, the toilets that need to be cleaned and toys on the floor.

Life as a mommy can get busy and tiring sometimes.

Just remember to take mini breaks throughout the day!  ( and get a McDonalds diet coke...they always help!)

This is my mommy life.  I wouldn't change it.


katie said...

Yes, find time for breaks. A definite must have in order to get through the day.

pollydove said...

Tip from an old mommy and fellow Mickey D's diet coke drinker: ENJOY this!!! It goes by too fast and the busy-ness doesn't ever go away, it just changes! :)