Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Round and round we go

I feel like these stairs ALWAYS have something on it.  I take things up as I pass, but somehow things end up right back on the stairs.  It's a never ending cycle of putting things away.  I am just as guilty of putting "stuff" here too.  It gets cluttered and sometimes dangerous! As I was looking at the stairs taking this picture it reminded me how my life sometimes looks like this. I put so much "stuff"in my pathway of life that doesn't belong there!  And sometimes, it can be dangerous physically and spiritually.  Lately my "stuff" has been : Trying to get my entire TO DO list done in one day.  I know, sounds easy right?  My list may only have 4 things to do.  But with my two kiddos, sometimes that list doesn't get done.  And at night when I am laying in bed I beat myself up because I didn't finish my list.  I feel like a failure because the only thing I finished was folding laundry! If I keep this cycle going eventually I am going to burst because I am so frustrated.  So I need to remind myself that if my list doesn't get done, no biggie.  And to reflect on what I did with my girls today instead.  What memories were made?  Lessons learned?

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Karen said...

My stairs look exactly like that, every single day. Our to-do list will never be tackled but I don't think we realize or appreciate that until we are 70 when we try to keep "busy"