Wednesday, December 7, 2011

mommy daughter time

On Monday Emma and I went on a mommy daughter date.  Much needed.  It's weird to think back to when I only had Emma to tote around with me.  It was ALWAYS us. I thought it was a good idea for the two of us to go do something fun.  Well, we tried to go see reindeer, but they didn't have any this year to pet.  Curse you Schoolcraft.  So as Emma was crying in the car because she couldn't see Prancer I decided to take her to Walmart to get a ring pop.  Eh, it wasn't better then petting a dirty, "flying" animal...but she calmed down.  We ended our date at McDonalds, which was crazy busy and smelly. Bleh. Why do kids LOVE McDonald's?   My favorite part was when an older child asked Emma to climb up the slide with her.  (Emma knows she is not allowed to do this).  She kept looking at me and then back at the girl, debating what to do for a good 30 sec.  She then proceeded to tell this girl, "Sorry, my mommy says it's not good to climb up the blue slide."  I almost cried.  I didn't even say anything to her, but she remembered. I pray she remembers what I tell her as a teenager too.  (Don't even want to think about that).  loved my time with Emma Jane that day.

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Katie @ minivan diva said...

What a sweet girl. I love what she told the older girl about the slide.