Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Christmas

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?  This past year has FLOWN by.  I LOVE Christmas decorations more then any other Holiday.  It's so magical and exciting. especially with little ones around now.  I was a little worried about having the Christmas tree up with Allie around, but she really hasn't messed with it that much.  Ug...knock on wood.  I still have two weeks to go!

This year I wanted to attempt a ginger bread house.  Every year it has been an epic fail, and the tradition continues.  You may be thinking well that ginger bread house isn't that bad! Well, it's not mine.  Mr. Hipster created that once he saw how HORRIBLE mine was.  Wish I took a picture because it looked like a 4 year old made it.  Emma even said "Mom, it's not that great looking."  Gotta love their honesty.  So, thanks Mr. Hipster for making a ginger bread house, even though you cheated and used a hot glue gun.


pollydove said...

Do you know, as old as I am, that I haven't ever attempted to make a gingerbread house? At least not that I can remember - given how old I am! ;)

I saw a kit the other day and thought maybe that would work for me ... you could try that too! LOL!

Jessica said...

we still haven't made gingerbread houses yet, so at least you tried:)