Friday, April 13, 2012

Worn out

I wore myself out today. We are moving. Again. But this is a good move. Not that the past moves were bad, but we get to paint our walls! Rip out carpet! Do whatever we want! To make a long story short... Mr. Hipsters Papa is needing to move in with my inlaws for some help. So since we like his house and would love to buy it in the future we are moving in! In TWO weeks! And boy does the house need a little TLC. It's coming a long though. And I found out that our neighbors have a few littles girls around Emma's age. So happy about that. But today I have been running around like crazy. So much to do! Let's just say my kids passed out early tonight. Long day on those little bodies. I may call it a day and leave my house a mess. It can wait.
Mr. Hipster just came in the door and I haven't seen him much today. Maybe we will chat a bit and call it a night.
Have a great weekend friends!


Katie @ minivan diva said...

That is huge news! Yay!

pollydove said...

Awe ... what a sweet little picture! Moving is always quite an adventure and I wish you lot of luck with it! Just be sure to start boxing up earlier and it won't seem so daunting!

I saw Hunger Games over the weekend, and the lead girl reminded me soooo much of you! I thought of you during the whole movie! Has anyone else told you that?! :)