Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still here

Wow! I feel like I have been away from blogging for a really long time. So much has happened.

We got a rabbit for Emma. Mr. Jelly Bean is his given name by Emma. Perfect pet for a toddler if you ask me! Maybe ask me how it's going in a month.....

We had a friend pass away this past weekend. It's been a rough week.

My lovely friend who I look up to as a mom wrote a great post about our friend who passed away HERE. She's such a great writer....and a great mom!

And like I said before. We are moving to a new bungalow. It's coming along with the help of our great friends who have been helping us out so much! So ready to get settled and decorate.

Have a great Wednesday!

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Andrea said...

So sorry about your friend:( Life can be a bummer sometimes. Show pics of your new bungalow asap!! xoxo