Monday, July 9, 2012

Mothering, Eating Healthy, Growing Spiritually

These three topics are hard to balance.  Can I get an Amen?  Or am I the only one on the struggle bus?

Mothering-  Hardest job, hands down.  Trying to figure out what works best for each child.  How to discipline the "right" way.  How to keep my "head above water" everyday.  I have been reading THIS book about the role as a Christian mom.  Great book.

Eating Healthy- Struggle Bus!!!!  If i don't meal/snack plan, it's all down hill.  Thankfully I am back to using My Fitness Pal.  Great app for the i Phone.  For some reason I am always shocked with how much calories I take in daily on things I "think" are healthy.

Growing Spiritually- A daily process.  A choice I must make.  How do we grow spiritually?  For me it's reading my Bible and actually applying what it says.  Being faithful to the small things.  Embracing what God has given me and praise Him for it all. Talking to God often.  He cares...I just forget He does sometimes.

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pollydove said...

Hi Michelle! It seems like I have been away from blogging for at least a year! I hope to be better about posting and visiting blogs that I love! I do love this post .... it is something I STRUGGLE with on a daily basis as well. So AMEN SISTA! You are wise to be conscientious about them though - you're a good girl and a good momma! (Love this picture of your little angels!)