Saturday, July 14, 2012

Super Mom

I for sure don't have everything a "super hero" has.  For example, stamina.  Yeah....I really don't.

I am worn out come 9pm, I have laundry sitting on my bed waiting to be folded, a husband who wants to watch our favorite shows together and a dog who still needs to be fed.  

But as a mom, I am a hero to these little girls.  There are way too many "bad guys" out in the world that will/are influencing them.  Right now I am trying to avoid/destroy what the Enemy is throwing at my family on a daily basis.  Because the enemy is seeking to "kill and destroy" my little family in so many ways.  (John 10:10)

I think the REAL world heroes today are moms.   We have so much influence on our kids lives.  

I can choose to enjoy my role as a mom and embrace this job God has called me to do 
I can look at my children as burdens and slowly crawl my way into a dark, lonely, ugly cycle. (this is what the "enemy" wants)  

Change the way you view motherhood,  because it's a Kingdom building job.

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RachelMarie said...

Love this Mickey! I'm one that grumbles and complains way to much about this crazy thing called life and my calling to be a SAHM. I need to stop!! Thanks for the encouragement!