Thursday, October 18, 2012

A dancer and her cat

 Have I mention how much Emma loves dance?
She dances and wears a leotard most of the day.
And I love this picture of her.
It reminds me of the pictures you see in year books of the dance team girls.
Do you know what I am talking about?
It made me chuckle.
Her hand on her hip and all.

Oh Emma's fake smile kills me.  
This is her cat.  He has many names, such as Chip, Besus(not a typo), and Bently. But for the most part his name is "the cat."
We aren't cat people.  So this little guy lives on our screened in back porch and also takes adventures out into the backyard.  
He always comes back.
Good thing he does because Emma loves her cat.
We do let him inside in the morning for a little bit, but that's about it.
And he's pretty great with the kids.  Or should I say with Allie, who picks him up all the time.

Now I just need to talk Mike into getting a cute chicken coop...(probably won't happen)
But here's to dreaming!


pollydove said...

Oh it could happen. Keep at him! Your little ballerina/cat lover is just too cute! I loved it when my girls wore their leotards around too - so girlie, so fun!

McCall said...

i would love a chicken coop too. fresh eggs? yes please! but, first i need a backyard. one can dream!

cutie pictures of emma!