Friday, October 12, 2012

Insta time!

Allie tried on one of Emma's old tutu's.  She wasn't too sure about it. She kept pulling it down around her belly.
I don't think she will be a girly girly.
She's kinda hard core. 

We went on a date last weekend.  
Out to eat.
Hot tubing.

We made bats.  
Thanks pinterest.

My dad and grandma came to visit.
Short, but good visit.
Hoping my family moves here sooner then later!

Another blessed week.
And more blessings to capture.

Have a great weekend!


Barb said...

Just "found" your blog ~ what a great way to record your family's history. I really wish I had started mine when my kids were younger ~ but then, blogs really weren't around much then.

Mandi said...

LOVE that pic of the allster in the! so hilarious...