Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh pregnancy oh pregnancy.....

9 weeks people.
So far it has been a roller coaster ride!
One day I'm feeling awesome and then bam! 5pm comes and it's all down hill.
What's causing these crazy things to happen? I'm thinking insane hormones and the food I'm eating. The food isn't bad but obviously baby is hate'n on it.
So tomorrow I'm sticking with toast and smoothies. Joy.

Today I had to go to our family doctor because over night my big toe got swollen and I couldn't walk on it! It was so weird. Got some blood work done so waiting to hear back tomorrow. They think it could be something called gout. Ya I look that up on google and kinda freaked myself out some. But it really isn't as bad as it seems. Still praying that its not gout because icant take anything to help it! So today I been a hobbling around the house on top of feeling sick from food.
"Happy happy" - quote from duck dynasty....if you follow that show.
Anyways here's a pic at 9 weeks. Bump?!?! Already?!?!

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