Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good mornings look like....

Ok the past month or so I have been struggling once again to get up early. Today it was 7 and that's early for me at the moment. I really love my sleep. But I forgot how much I love showering before my kiddos rise and shine. How I can enjoy my breakfast in peace. And actually read my bible on my phone app. without distractions. Oh I have missed early mornings. I am in a good mood. Plus I stopped for coffee after dropping emma off at school. Baby likes coffee, thats a good thing!
This is what a good morning looks like to me. Do you like getting up early? Do you have a routine?
Have a blessed day! Wish me luck on the smoothie adventure today! So far so good!

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pollydove said...

Michelle! WHAT?!?!?! How have I been missing your posts?! I DID NOT know you were expecting again! Congratulations! My mom actually said, "If you can have three children, you can have ten." Three was the number that really did her in, but it was okay for me! I sure adored those first three little girls and thought my life was practically perfect!

I hope you get to feeling better - and that your toe heals up nicely - and that it ISN'T gout!