Friday, November 16, 2012

Sitting by the door

Yes, just like my title says...I'm sitting in front of Emma's bedroom door. She needs a nap. Bad. She's a nap fighter since she would rather play. I think as moms we know when our little people need a nap. So every time she sits up I tell her to lay down! I think she's almost asleep....she's reading her horse magazine and is about to close her eyes. Crossing my fingers.

Tomorrow Emma is having her first "real" birthday party. Like the kind where parents drop off their kids birthday party. But parents were invited if they wanted to hangout. It should be fun. Games, craft and snacks! I was on Pinterest getting some ideas the other day and was wondering when did kids birthday parties turn into some huge decor event? Don't get me wrong I like decorating....but I saw some kids birthday parties on there and it looked like a dang wedding reception going on for a 4 year old. Sheesh. Balloons. Streamers and banners people. Oh and food.

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pollydove said...

And we know when the mama's need a nap too, don't we?!! I feel the same way about some of the birthday parties you see online. OY VAY! It's about having fun and making that birthday girl feel special. Good luck with yours ... I'm sure it will be great!