Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's been awhile

You know you haven't blogged in awhile when your husband mentions you haven't! Yikes.

A lot has been going around the Elkins house.  Let me catch you all up!

Mike is now getting over a wicked bad chest cold.  Thankfully none of us caught it. And he basically deep cleaned my kitchen today. Yep, he's that awesome.  Totally helped me out since today is my "Big Cleaning Day"  Check that off the list! And he has been a huge supporter of my new love for Subway. (i'll explain)

We took Allie's "pacie" away from her.  First day was hell...there I said it.  It was.  She's a HUGE fan of naps.  Asks to be put down for naps most of the time.  It got better day 2 and 3 and we are back to not wanting to nap.  Shoot me in the face.  Oh and waking up at 3am and not wanting to go back to sleep as well.  Fun times.  Like right now, she has been in her crib for an hour. Talking, crying, taking her clothes off.  And still not asleep.  UG!  Hoping this phase passes soon! I  might have to bust out the backward pajamas so the zipper is in the back.  Ya, Mike made them at like 4am this morning. Seemed to work.

We also started hard core potty training.  Ok, maybe not hard core, but we started.  So far she's been great.  Even though while "trying to nap" and last night at 3am  all she asked to was to go potty.  UG.
She enjoys pooping in the bedrooms as well.  We have had one successful poop story.

Emma has discovered an attitude.  Goodness it's hard to deal with at times.  Lots of prayer and diet coke going on in that area.  She is still doing dance and seems to like it for the most part.   She also mentioned she would like us to name "Baby B" Jaquan if it's a boy. Too funny.

I have been growing a baby in my belly for almost 17 weeks and we will find out Feb 4th what "Baby B" will be!  I really have no idea what it will be.  Let's just say I will be totally shocked if it's a girl because this pregnancy has been SO different.  I have a new love for Subway.  It's heavenly.  And the subway people have started to recognize me.  Uh oh.  Glad we have three Subways in town! Goodness, even typing about it makes me want it! So I better stop!

So there ya go! And Allie is probably naked in her bed because she's crying. Time to bust out the ghetto backward pajamas! Oh the joys of toddlers.


Kasie Williamson said...

Oh Mickey, how I love reading your blogs!!! You always make me laugh! Plus I can totally relate to most of your "troubles!!!". Cant wait to find out what you're having. That's such an exciting day ( plus it's my 30th bday that day!) I totally believe you're having a boy!

pollydove said...

LOL! This too shall pass little mommy! My sisters and I were just talking about these hard times this weekend as we looked through pictures. One of my younger sisters had a toddler who would take off her diaper and play in her poo. (I know, so gross.) So she tried pinning the top of them, putting them on backwards, and even using duck tape - to NO avail! They referred to her as Houdini because that little girl could wiggle her way out of anything! :)

Getting rid of the passie is one of the hardest things too ... McCall can relate with Libby on this one!

Good luck with all of it!

McCall said...

I can def relate!!! In fact (not to be discouraging) I took Libby's away shortly after Logan was born...10 months if you're counting...she STILL asks for it. And when I say she doesn't have one anymore, she cries. Still. It's been a looooong battle.

I hope Allie's over it by the time baby comes because I find Logan's passey hidden in Libby's room more often then not. I'm sure she sucks them when I'm not looking. Oye!