Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

I love that feeling of a "fresh start"

And I do believe January 1 is a great time for that!  Ok, maybe January 2 because I was up WAY too late last night to get anything really done today.  Oh well.  Tomorrow starts it all.

We are picking out a family "Word" or phrase this year to display in our home.  I have a few options floating in my head so I will reveal that when it's been decided as a family.  Pretty excited about it.

I don't have a ton of resolutions.  I know last year one of them was to run a half marathon...ya that didn't happen.  Maybe this fall it will.  Maybe.

This year I would like to:
read more. 
Try to plan my days out better so I use my time wisely. 
Eat better.
Worry less.
Laugh more.
Don't fret if I didn't get everything done in one day.

1 comment:

pollydove said...

Those are great goals ... I should probably try to set some too. (Things tend to be more likely to happen when written down, right? Or so I'm told.) ;)