Monday, February 25, 2013

Five Guys and some craziness

I finally ate at Five Guys.
I think I said " I could eat another one" a few times.
But I didn't.
And the pop machine.
I was a little intimidated when I first walked up to the machine.  
You know, acting like you have seen this contraption before.
Coke Zero with every flavor you could think of! 
I might of cried a little....(pregnant people problems)

Speaking of pregnant problems...
I have been a crazy pregnant lady lately.
I have come to realize that I get crazy when baby is growing and I am starving!
I just want some super yummy food.  Which usually isn't in my house.
Like Five Guys.
I go crazy.  I act crazy.  I cry a lot.
Poor husband.
I think the crazy phase has passed again. 

But I could eat at Five Guys today.
Just saying.
Glad we don't live close to it.

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Katie @ minivan diva said...

We have one about 30 minutes from here. I love their fries!