Monday, February 11, 2013

We think pink

If you haven't heard, WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER GIRL!

We are excited.  I get nervous thinking about it at times.  More the idea of having THREE kids.

And since Allie and Emma are SO different, what will this little girl be like?

My life has become SUPER crazy at times.  Forever folding laundry.  Picking up dolls. Running Allie to the potty.  Dishes.  Dishes.  Dishes.  Finding time to workout.  Helping put dress ups on and off.  squeeze a nap in. Try and keep the hard wood floors clean(it's seriously the hardest thing ever) Do "castle time" with Allie.  The list goes on.  HARDEST JOB EVER.  but the BEST JOB EVER.

When I stop to eat lunch I wonder "How do I squeeze a new born into this?"

I am sure it just happens. Let's hope and pray it just happens and it works out well!

But again, we are excited to meet this little lady in June...maybe July (lets hope June)

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