Monday, March 25, 2013

Total Girl

Oh Emma Jane.
She is something else.
Total girl, just like what her shirt says.
And she would wear this shirt and her black leggings everyday if I let her.
Shopping for her has become VERY interesting.
SUPER picky.
I have to plan our shopping trips so it's just us.
She says that Allie distracts her from shopping.
This is what usually happens.
She finds an outfit she  likes and I approve of (sometimes these outfits are insane for a 4 year old!)
we get home.
She doesn't like it and wants to wear her favorite outfit AGAIN.
Not happening sister.
So far she has left her new outfit on today.

Now lets talk about shoes.
We spend an hour at Payless yesterday.
Trying on, walking around, debating, deciding and persuading her which shoe was a good fit for her Easter Dress and other outfits for this Spring/Summer.
The ladies working were giggling at how serious Emma was about her shoe selection.
Yep, total girl.
I love it.
She's unique.
And God made her that way.
Keep being you Emma Jane.

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