Friday, April 12, 2013

My littles

Allie Jo last spring? I think....
Goodness they grow fast.

Emma Jane, last summer.

I remember taking these pictures.
And thinking how BIG they look.
Sad how fast they grow up,
but also exciting all at the same time.

I love this job I have.  I do it everyday. All day.
Some days I do it with a smile, some days....not so much.
but I am here for them.
And these little bodies need me.
and i love that.

Being a parents is a huge blessing.
If you stay at home or not with these littles.
They will bless your socks off.

And soon we will be adding another little to this crazy, everyday life.
oh i worry.
How do I share my love with THREE!?
i know it just happens.
had the same fear with two.  
i just hope this little miss just goes with the flow.
and we are back to the name game with this little miss who is growing super fast inside my belly.
My ever growing large belly.

why is naming a human so hard?
Ok, why is naming a third girl so hard?

I guess it will hit us in the face and we will know this is her name.
just like we knew with the other two.
For now....
Sleep tight everyone
happy weekend!

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McCall said...

What? I thought she was named. Why the change?