Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mr. Rogers

With the crazy events taking place this week with the bombing in Boston to the explosion in Texas, this has been stuck in my head.  A quote from good old Mr. Rogers.

We were eating dinner and watching ESPN ( one of those nights folks, don't judge) and it was updating us on what was going on in Boston.  Emma asked a lot of questions.

 "Why all the smoke?" " Did something blow up?"  "Why are people falling over?"

All legit questions from a 4 year old.

But how do you answer?

Well, you try your best without all the details I suppose.

But my prayer is as a mom that my children will be "helpers" in any way.

Maybe it looks like them helping me without being asked.  Or helping a friend. A complete stranger. And who knows, maybe during a tragedy? I pray their little hearts are softened at a young age to help others. To see a need and do something about it.

My mom was a great example of this.  Something I remember seeing as a child growing up.  I hope I can do the same for my kids.

We never know from day to day what will happen to us.  We could leave this earth so quick.

So help those around you! It's not about us but about God.  And God is ALL about loving your neighbor as yourself.

Have a blessed evening guys!

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pollydove said...

I love this! Great message Michelle. And I'm sure you will teach your children that lesson as they grow.