Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh the joys....

Emma's closet with a reading/playing area

                                                            Living room  is almost done....

Boxes are everywhere.
Pictures frames are waiting to be hung.
Our room is out of control because our box spring will not fit up the stairs and around the corner hall.
No bueno.
We are trying to decide what to do.
So we are sleeping on the mattress on the floor and the box spring is down stairs in our entry way leaning against the wall.  Again, no bueno.
During our move we found a kitten.  Praise the heavens we found it a home at a farm.  Emma was getting a little too attached .  And I am not going to lie, I was too.  We named it Tangled.  Why are kittens so cute, but cats not so much?

Well, back to cleaning and organizing because my family is DRIVING from Utah to come visit.
So thrilled about seeing them!

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katie said...

Such a huge bummer with the bed situation. However, on the bright side, your fireplace area looks amazing!