Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And she turns Three

Three sounds so old to me now.
Saying : "I have a three year old" is weird.

We had a great birthday party this year.
I made Emma's cake this time around.  It was a lot of fun.  I was a little worried it wouldn't cook all the way through, but it did.
And Emma is set for life with Barbie stuff.  Yes, she is in the barbie phase.

Oh and did you notice my short hair?
I love it.
I could possibly do something more extreme now since I took this plunge.  We shall see.

It's raining here in Michigan today.  Allie Jo is only taking cat naps today, which isn't helpful.  But her teething phase is almost done.  (for now)  And Emma is well, being Emma.  Lip gloss, guitar playing and dress up wearing.  What a life right?  And I will be finishing up some crochet projects through out the day, and probably putting my pajamas on early tonight.

 I am ready for Thursday and Friday to get here.
Family. Food.  Parade.  Naps( crossing my fingers for one) Sweat Pants.  And BLACK FRIDAY. (which I HATE that stores are opening up at 10pm...more on that later)

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Katie said...

I love the pic of her sitting on the table! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!