Thursday, November 17, 2011


Lately I have been wearing my hair up because I DO NOT have time to blow dry and flat iron my hair.

So I have been looking up short hair styles.  I am so indesicive it's rediculous!

I just made a hair appointment at 3pm today.
HUGE step for me.

Let's pray I walk out happy and not crying.

And I like all of these hair styles.  UG.  How do I pick????  Praying Emily, my lovely hair lady will do her magic.  Does anyone else only have ONE lady they will let do their hair?   I do.  I have tried cheating on Emily, but I can't seem to do it.  She's the best.

LOVE this.  Had it before, but loved it.
Mandy Moore Do.  Getting shorter!

 VERY SHORT, but love it!!!!

 This is my safe do.  Had it before as well, but need to try to rock those bangs!
 TERRIFIED to do this one, but I want to!!! Go big or go home right?
No...not with hair.
But I love this A LOT!

We shall see what happens today.
Pray for me! 


pollydove said...

If you have had short hair before, I bet you will love whatever "your girl" does! (Haley is "my girl" now.) I have ALWAYS wanted short hair (always) but just don't think I could pull it off. You're lucky! Good luck.

katie said...

I love short hair. I am growing mine out now, but I did the Michelle Williams inspired pixie and loved it. You have perfect face for short hair. I say go big or go home!